Four Less Common European Destinations

Vacationing in Europe is a dream that many people have, and few people are able to make it happen. When you are finally ready to take your European vacation, you want to consider carefully where you will visit. If you aren’t fond of crowds of tourists and you want to truly experience another country, consider these less common European destinations.

Mantua, Italy

Instead of visiting Florence, Rome, or Venice, try visiting this quaint little town in Italy. The architecture is simply breathtaking. Te Palace is a sophisticated building with many beautifully appointed rooms. There are also a lot of great examples of classic Italian art, and the cuisine is always as exceptional as only true Italian food can be. Essentially, you get all the perks of visiting Italy without the touristy crowds.


If you love history, especially World War I, you’ll love Bosnia. So much history happened in this country, and it is well worth a visit for that reason alone. But there really is something for everyone in Bosnia. For the adventurous, there is white water rafting. For the athletic, there is excellent hiking in Lukimor, one of the last mountain villages. If you go in the wintertime, there is also some great skiing.

Cuenca, Spain

This is another great destination for architecture. The town is perched at the top of a big cliff, with homes seeming to hang in midair off of the rock. The town is about 1300 years old and contains significant ruins of castles and monasteries that are simply beautiful. You’ll also still get all of the culture and art that you would expect from a trip to Spain.

The Hague, Netherlands

Most people who visit the Netherlands expect to visit Amsterdam, yet Amsterdam is frequently full to bursting at the seams with residents and tourists. If you want to experience the Netherlands without the crowds, consider the Hague. You will get most of the same art, culture, and architecture, as well as the political climate, but you will not have the crowds to contend with.

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